Vital Weekly
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Hot on the heels of their classified as very o.k. debut CD, another one, this time self released. 310 are hard to pin to a specific style, as they use a bit of everything: dub, rock, techno and ambient. But in stead of creating faceless music, they blend all of this together into music that forms an unity. Nicely laid back urban space music. Performed with great skills, which is not really a surprise, since 310 have been together for 12 years. The perfect resemblance of the melting pot that New York, where 310 comes from, is. Very good, again.

Manifold Records catalogue

A brand new disc from this mysterious project. Those who picked up the 'Aug. 56' disc will need no encouragement. A unique blend of styles, ranging from the hallucinogenic organics of Zoviet France, to the instrumental ambience of Mandible Chatter, puts 310 in a class by themselves. Tracks flow into each other, using enviromental samples, classic instruments, loops and sublime texture. Cover art is in the same style as 'Aug 56', old black and white photos, antiquated, morose scenes from yesteryear, a bit more text and information inside than the previous disc. Excellent.

Auf Abwegen
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The ingredients are known: lively breakbeats, crossed with lines that are rhythmic but evasive loops and samples with voices scattered about, vinylic crackling, electro-atmosheric noise. This is all nicely spatial but still dense: One can follow the scurrying crackling and quiet clicking into the deep. At the same time 310 is not just atmosherical, playful or droning. As hypnotic as they can be, there is always a flashing spirit, a certain sharpness, a sense of edgyness of the collage - for instance in Urban Mantras, where a honking concerto is sampled to a downright march on heaven. A quite welcome new arrival on the planet of sampledelics.