DJ Magazine

Coming through with some Stateside beat suggestion, 310 continue to subvert the course of clearly definable categorisation, distributing their unorthodox beat assembly across four new tracks. 'Frosty Bardum' manoeuvers it's way through downtown Spanish Harlem, as hip hop chants foreground the general street corner hustle and Latino flavourings of the opener. As the light fades, the freaks come out for 'Red Horizon,' an oppressive tale of paranoid city living, thick with atmosphere and layered with electronic textures and distorted murmurs. Continuing the musical course through "Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan," 'Firing Line,' perhaps the most intense moment, provides an eerie example of their diverse appoach as tightly arranged beats take rest then resume running, stalked by a myriad of electronic sweeps and pulses. For musical perambulation of the most far reaching kind.


Etronik Magazine

Inspirational. 310 popped up on Leaf's recent Osmosis compilation, and they're stealing the show again here. Offering blues soul, tense beatz and electronic stylings 310 serve up a challenging yet oddly accessible EP. Great name too.(CB)

DJ reviews

Aim (Various - Various/UK)
One of my favourite releases for a long time. I even love the label design! Fresh and inventive production, nice one.

Dave Cridge (Various - Bristol)
The diversity of B2 means it can be played along anything from house to drum n bass.

Christine Indigo (Various - London)
All round good release from Leaf.

Damien Fiedler (Generation X - Manchester)
More excellence via 310 and Leaf. Consistent, class, unusual leftfield business.

Mark Godwin (Flux/Various - Manchester)
Wicked - purposefully done.

Muzik Magazine

The New York duo maintain their high standards with a couple of previews of their forthcoming album. 'Frosty Bardum' rolls along with a wry smile, twanging guitars and an irresistable chunky downbeat feel, while the sunset ambience of 'Pacific Gravity' is overpoweringly beautiful. Wonderful stuff.

Calvin Bush